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Alisha N March 31, 2021
Your customer service was wonderful, and you were always available when I called and needed something. However the website was kind of annoying, I had to submit the same documents several times and VA loans seem to require a lot of unnecessary things. The buying experience was good thanks to you and your team and your hard work! Thanks again Frost Mortgage!
Laura I March 29, 2021
Dustin's expert guidance expedited our home buying process and gave us confidence as we completed most of the process abroad. Dustin was quick to answer questions and ensure that we understood each step along the way. Thanks Dustin!
Tyler L March 28, 2021
Christopher S March 25, 2021
Overall, the company offers a user friendly online experience with digital capability. However, we were misinformed in fees, costs, and locking in an APR. This miscommunication costs us a lot of money and could have been easily prevented with just a little clarification, or a simple question such as "do you want to lock in at that rate?".
Leatha K March 22, 2021
Chris is friendly, professional, and knowledgable.